Freelance MotionDesigner & Director
Diplom-Designer (advanced degree in design)

Born in the 80s, originally from South Germany, currently based in London, UK. An open-minded individual with a special motivation for trying something new. In love with motion. Teamplayer. Perfectionist. Philosopher. Believer. Call me!

Proficient in Cinema4D · AfterEffects · Adobe CS · FCP

For questions, comments, job offers don't hesitate to contact me at any time.
write me: mail@mwinckelmann.com · · · call me: 0044 77 292 599 95

MAXON Xenops

  • 2013

  • The example animation for the MotionDesign teaching guidelines developed for the Cinema4D creators MAXON.

Showreel 2012

  • 2012

  • A montage of self initiated and commercial projects I've worked on in the recent years.

Am Ende vor dem Anfang

  • 2012

  • "At The End Before The Beginning" is an experimental film on the topic of expectations – how we experience anticipation as social beings, individual person, and film audience. It is a surreal portrait collage of people loosing themselves in disappointment and unfulfillment. Whether or not we will get lost depends on our own will to break expectations of individual roles in society and perception of reality.
AudiGenf WeUmE_01 arcade Toshiba_MagicForest_3

Toshiba MagicForest

  • 2011

  • Promo clip for Toshibas new laptop series. Discovering the third dimension in the mystical environment of a digital jungle.

Toshiba Glossy

  • 2011

  • Promo clip for Toshibas new laptop series. Abstract 3D animated shapes symbolizing the different features of the computer.

RMV eTicket

  • 2010

  • Imagefilm about the upcoming introduction of the electronic ticket system for the whole Frankfurt area.
RedBull_CCBumper CMN_1

CrossMediaNight 11

  • 2009

  • Pyramids moving through empty rooms, gathering together to form the title of the legendary annual CrossMediaNight in Offenbach.

Chaos, Kosmos, Mu!

  • 2009

  • An experimental film custom-made to fit the circular shape of a planetarium. A 1-minute ride through chaos, silence and enlightenment.
HarmonyIsComing1 nipponthin

Nippon Connection

  • 2007

  • Trailer for the annual japanese film festival NipponConnection in Frankfurt am Main.

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